Saturday, 4 January 2014

Resolutions Triumphed

With the commencement of 2014, children, youngsters and the elderly all are taking on new resolutions. Resolution is defined as a firm decision to do or not to do something. I have had made a number of resolutions at the start of every New Year and like most of the people have witnessed the short lived life of it. So I thought, does the word itself have a jinx attached to it? Because whenever I say I have made a resolution, it never actually gets to live a long life. I’m sure most of you have experienced the same fate of resolutions. There are so many new things that I would like to add to my list of good habits and so many things that I want to chuck out from my black list of habits. So what to do if resolutions act so stubbornly on not getting happened the way I want them to.

So this time I tricked my mind not telling it that I have made a resolution but actually started doing it daily. This did not begin at the 1st of January this year but at the last month of 2013. I started doing a thing which I wanted to do on regular basis.  It was not easy to continue with it each day, some days I just felt lazy doing it, and some days the Satan led me astray from my path. Everything seemed tempting enough to not let me pursue, that which I had taken on indirectly as my “resolution”. I even skipped days not doing them. But one day I feared losing a good habit if I gave way to my laziness and many other temptations. So I started doing them again and then every day. And believe me I still do feel lazy about not doing it but now when I think about skipping it, I start to feel guilty. That guilt makes me feel, that something has control over me instead of me having control over it. This was not a good feeling for me. What felt good, really good was the satisfaction of having controlled something, of not letting something slip out of my control. The happiness to successfully complete the resolution I had taken.

Days passed and finally with much gusto the world embraced the New Year. When people around the world were making resolutions, thinking how long would it last? I was smiling to myself, patting my back because I had a resolution which I know would certainly not live a short life. I overcame all the hurdles it threw at me, all the challenges it gave me. My new year started off with not “a resolution” but I would now say proudly with “a new habit”.

I learnt one thing from my experiment is that: Your mind should not have control over you but you should have control over it.
Image Courtsey: Google Images

P.S: Happy New Year Guys