Sunday, 22 December 2013

Tangle Resolved

        You are in a relation with the person you love the most. Things are good and rosy in the beginning but are you finding hard to be in the relation now? Has your relation turned sour with time? Do you think the fire in your relation has extinguished? Then you need to focus on small things. The below listed are some of the small errors committed by many people which mess up their relations.Don't let your relation die on these simple errs instead work on them and bring back the blossom in your dying relation.
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     Most people in a relation do expect a lot of things from their partner. When those expectations do not get fulfilled people start to feel they are with the wrong person. This messes up most of the relations. You should expect reasonable things from your partner and not unreasonable ones. Give your partner some space of his own. Let your partner know what you need only then can the person start to fulfill your expectations. And even after telling, this does not happen don’t consider your partner unfit. Give it some time, its new for that person also. Expect as minimal as you can, you will realize you are happier that way.


    Some people become stalker when they get into a relation. Following every move your partner makes, where that person goes and whom he meets, who calls him and whom he calls are all classic features of a stalker partner. Badgering your partner for every detail and calling him at all times can get you under the person’s nerves. So stop the stalker within yourself and give your partner some space. Let him tell you what’s going on. Some times it’s better to wait for your partner to tell stuff to you, instead of you asking all the time.


    Keep trust on your partner. I know it sounds cliché but trust is one of the main factors of a healthy relation. Keep telling your partner that you trust him. Especially when you know he is lying. This will make him feel guilty within and eventually would bring himself to tell u the truth. (Trust me, this technique works). It will also prevent him from telling any lies to you in future. You should also believe your partner when he tells you certain things, questioning always is not a right thing to do. This will make your partner also understand that you do believe and trust him, which will definitely bring a smile to his face.


    Be a better listener, than a better talker. I do feel that most relations get tangled up due to the lack of listening abilities. Listen to your partner when he or she speaks something important, let him finish than express your opinions. Nobody likes to get interrupted, so why to do that. Listen to any explanations given by your partner in case he has done a thing which has disappointed you. There will be a reason behind that action. Hear it out first and then make a decision.


    Discussion is a main factor of any relation. Don’t do a thing or make a decision and then discuss with your partner. Instead do the opposite. Discuss all the matters concerning you with your partner. What he thinks about it, is also important. Not discussing things with your partner will make him feel underestimated and hence this will start the problems.

Let Go and Say Sorry:

    You fought with your beloved on a small thing and you both are upset and angry about it. “I will not say sorry” this is what you tell yourself. There is a possibility that your partner is also thinking the same. What will happen if you both let your egos come in between, whenever you fight? You won’t be happy for a long time. Letting go and saying sorry is one of the things you should never forget when in a relation. A simple sorry won’t make you small it will make miracles happen. So next time you fight with your partner take a minute to yourself and then tell him “It’s ok, sh*t happens”.

I Love You! :

    Do tell your partner how much you love him. Never think one time is enough. To know at regular times that your partner loves you is the most heartwarming feeling. Most people don’t do this once their relation has reached a certain level. This is the reason that spark in the relation disappears. Show your love not only through words but by actions also.

        Relations are something which doesn’t happen every day and when they do, we should preserve them for times to come. Don’t let go of that special someone who has entered in your life just because of a few errors made here there. Relations that once break can never be mended. So why let it break ?

"The only real security is not in owning or possessing, not in demanding or expecting, not in hoping, even. Security in a relationship lies neither in looking back to what it was, nor forward to what it might be, but living in the present and accepting it as it is now".
Anne Morrow Lindbergh