Friday, 13 December 2013

The Little Magician

In a blink of an eye a zillion things change. Change a word that has the power to turn things in a way they never were. A lot of things cross our minds when we hear this dynamic word. There are so many reactions to a change. It has such power that it can gather an attention of millions at once but also has the ability to conceal the paths from which it creeps into. It has a magical power which shows its magic as soon as it puts its step forth. This little magician is very clever, it has its hawk eyes set on all things and the second it gets an opportunity, it creeps in and shows its magic.

                The idiosyncrasy of this little magician can be seen as having no physical tangible appearance. Its display changes every minute, every second. It stares us with its huge eyes but our poor naked eyes can’t see it.

                The growth and life cycle of change is just like that of Homo sapiens. Initially it has a tiny identification or existence somewhere. Slowly it develops but still hard to notice; its growth is such that though some people recognise it they can hardly say for sure whether it’s ‘the change’. This is the reason, this little magician gets the ground to grow more & more and like a malady it spreads to wherever it possibly can. And the day comes when its existence hits people hard on their faces. I wonder if that’s the reason most of the people on earth have an aversion towards change.

Yes, we don’t like change and wish it never interfered with the way of things. Most of us don’t like change, (at least with the good things). But if we dig deeper we would realize that change (as they call It) is not the spice of life, it’s actually (as I call it) the salt of life. Yes, it does sound funny “it’s not food” you’d say. Change is the salt, it adds flavor to that boring life which you are sick of living every day. As without salt food is not worth consuming, the same goes with change. Without change life would be not worth living. As much as we loathe good things changing it is actually good that it changes. Imagine what would happen to good things if it did not change, the feeling it gave would not give us that cheer it used to. That is because the repetition of anything everyday becomes humdrum. And imagine bad things never changing into good ones (Ah! That feeling is miserable).

                This little magician is not liked by many but it is needed all the time though its need is not realised until it steps forward. So whenever this little magician steps forth don’t be afraid of its unpredictable magic. Just wait till it happens. It would give you a new feeling every time. Be assured that this little magician whenever will brandish its wand will leave you gaping at its magic. You may not like it initially but it will gain your trust slowly and steadily. Change will never cease to show its magic. So why not to embrace it happily?

"Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes."-Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe